Peña del Mar

Peña del Mar

This year we want to add some good folklore to our good tango at Istanbul Tango Fiesta. 

Together with our moscow friends - organisers of Peña Del Mar ( we will make a 2-hours peña on a beautiful venue during the festival.

2 hours of chacarera, zamba, gato, escondido and other dances for those who think that 2 chacareras at the milonga is too short to get enough pleasure, so don't stop you dancing folklore for 2 hours!

DJ - Anastassia Starosseltseva

Entrance fee - 5 eur

Venue: Tango Noa Terrace

TIme: 17:00 - 19:00

Address: Serdar-ı Ekrem Street, No 5, Level 4, Galata

Closest Metro Station: Şişhane Metro Station

  • 1 stop away from Taksim Square station to Şişhane station
  • 2 stops away from try closest metro station to the festival hotel Holiday Inn, Osmanbey station to Şişhane station. 
  • 4 stops away from the closest metro station to the budget accomodation Veyron Park Hotel, Gayrettepe station to Şişhane station.

Metro - Line M1 (